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…offers personable & expert help with TRAVEL Concierge & Custom Trip Planning and PROPERTY Purchase & Renovations services and vacation RENTAL in any of three residences of a Tuscan farmhouse in the Lunigiana.

To get started, click here to purchase an Initial Consultation. The $300 fee will entitle you to 5 hours of consultation time or, to access Your Italian Concierge’s Travel Concierge service, if you are in Italy and needing advice or recommendations.

Beyond the Initial Consultation, Your Italian Concierge can furnish a quote for additional consultation or concierge time, to arrange details & bookings for a custom trip or, to embark upon the search to purchase property in the regions of NW Italy. Home - Coloseum.jpg

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Your Italian Concierge knows Italy and how best to discover this marvelous and enchanting country.

Click here to purchase an Initial Consultation with Your Italian Concierge about ideas on visiting Italy or, to access either my Travel Concierge and Custom Trip Planning services. Your Italian Concierge will open up Italy for you as your personal travel consultant, concierge or travel planner. Find out more.

Your Italian Concierge knows Italy. Let us show you what we know best!

Il Duomo in Siracusa, Sicilia.

Il Duomo in Siracusa, Sicilia.


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The ease and convenience of global air travel has brought us all closer, to each other and to our dreams. One desire might be a home in Italy. Not a totally off-beat idea and a wonderful investment in the culture & life-style of Italy.

Your Italian Concierge helped clients to purchase & renovate five properties in Italy. Each one was an unique adventure, with unexpected finds along the way, and a few were cut with unusual circumstances and moments testing nerves & stamina yet, all ended happily. Find out more.







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…at il Poggiolo a Codiponte, an 800 year old Tuscan farmhouse nestled in the historic village of stone houses in Codiponte. The compound is divided into three separate yet, complete residences. A terraced garden full of olive & flowering trees… there’s even a fish pond… are available for seasonal vacation rental from Easter to the end of October each year. Find out more.

Conde-Nast Traveller magazine nominated il Poggiolo a Codiponte as one of The 10 Top Places to Stay in 2013.

The main house of il Poggiolo from the courtyard at dusk.

The main house of il Poggiolo from the courtyard at dusk.

Vestiges of history, accumulations of traditions, many attached to the country’s phenomenally rich landscape, a geography of mountains tumbling into valleys towards the sea, a people with genius in their hands to transform a world. That is Italy!
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