Forrest Spears

For 20 years of living & working in Italy as a fashion designer I had to be my own travel expert. This was when few knew of or used the Internet and cellphones. I quickly became a file-a-deck of train & plane schedules, hotels and restaurants within easy reach of my appointments, whether in Florence, Milan or Civitanova Marche. After working for companies such as, Bruno Magli, Salvatore Ferragamo, and as Head of Men's Design for Bally of Switzerland, I retired and returned to settle in Florence where I had begun. There I met a wonderful Italian and an inveterate traveler keen to get out & about on weekends and holidays. We've toured the Baroque towns in Italy’s heel of Apulia, celebrated La Festa del Redentore from a roof-top terrace over-looking Venice's Grand Canal, hiked in the wilds of Sardinia and shopped the stores and flea-markets to exhaustion in Milan.

Family and friends learned of our adventures on facebook or instagram and called to say they would be coming to Italy and might I help them? Happy to oblige, I’d fire-off emails with suggestions & recommendations. One day I blurted-out to a cousin with an overly complicated wish list for an upcoming trip to Italy… Give me your dates, I know what you want, I’ll take care of it. Her reply was... I'll gladly pay you to do it!  A business was born: Your Italian Concierge: Travel. 

Your Italian Concierge: Property is actually a precursor to YIC: Travel yet, it came about in a similar way, i.e. through contacts amoungst friends. Most had known me from my other life back in the US as an interior designer. Those talents & experiences have come in handy over the years, both personally and professionally, to steer through the intricacies of Italian real-estate and reconstruction. My partner and I have sought, bought and renovated three apartments, two in Genoa and one in Sardinia, and one 1,000 year old farm-house, Il Poggiolo ini Codiponte in Lunigiana, bought in 2009. 

Your Italian Concierge: Rentals is the consequence of finishing the reconstruction il Poggiolo a Codiponte in 2013. It is a village within the village with three separate residences... La Casetta, L'Appartamento Azzurro and La Casa Padronale. Our vacation rental season runs from Easter to October. And, thanks to an impromptu network of friends and associates, we can arrange all sorts of lovely villas, farm-houses or apartments throughout Italy for you.

We have created three services with Your Italian Concierge: Travel, Property and Rentals. Very Italian to be a jack-of-all-trades. Comes with knowing the language well, all sorts of people from top to bottom and the Italy's engaging life style. Three essentials for us to help and guide you with whatever your intentions are in Italy: to travel and know the country, find and create a home or, simply to relax on a chaise under the Italian sunshine.

A couple of extra items we are proud of...

Conde-Nast Traveller magazine nominated il Poggiolo a Codiponte as one of The 10 Top Places to Stay in 2013.

And in 2017, Annette Joseph Style Workshops nominated Your Italian Concierge: Travel as its Official Travel Consultant. Click on the link for more information.

And that is our story... for now.