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A B&B + balsamic...

A B&B + balsamic...

Italians are amazing. They think with their hands. Physically and spiritually impossible for them not to fiddle, perfect, head towards Beauty Eternal with whatever their fingers happen to touch. They effortlessly transform passion, commanded for invention, to who knows what end? Clothes to grapes? Perhaps. Not to let any opportunity fail or be left unexplored, the intrepid Italians fuse, market or offer what all they have brought to life with such style and hospitaliy, you are charmed... immediately. 

Your Italian Concierge has found a delightful example in the rich farm-land outside the city of Reggio Emilia, one of several gems cities along the agricultural spine from Piacenza to Bologna in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Hidden behind a tall shaded wall along a narrow road inching to the foothills of the Apennines, a family estate has been transformed by the succeeding generation into an elegant, sophisticated yet, simply decorated B&B of cottages and apartments surrounded by a garden of rose bushes, boxwood hedges and thick lawns, while next door or up in the attic are casks entrusted to fermenting the juices of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes into the finest array of balsamic vinegars. A quiet setting for quiet pursuits. And yet, a quick ride to the station and you can catch a fast train for a day-excursion to Bologna or Parma, amble the hills full of vineyards and dinners at county osterie or, find a chaise in a shady spot near the swimming pool to read your thriller. Could be just the spot for a few days in Italy... start, middle or the end.

Four types of accommodations, spacious rooms with separate baths to a complete apartment. Prices run from Low Season Euro 90 - 200, High Season Euro 110 - 300.

Balsamic vinegar tastings sessions and tours of the various facilities are conducted throughout the year.

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