Un-do to Re-do… Archive post March 21, 2010

A few photos... one, in an unusual spring sunlight... of the Upstairs Apartment's roof-less-ness before the cordolo is built.

The Procedure is... the old chestnut beams are removed for restoration. Then, the first 1/2 yard of stonework is re-built with the old stones and cement mortar. The refurbished beams are then returned to their rightful positions before the cordolo of cement & iron rods in constructed. The cordolo is sort of capping which keeps all together. Once-upon-a-time, only the tree trunks held the stone walls & roof together as one unit. Now, The Law dictates a cordolo and Good Sense requires the under-flooring of a solaio to keep all together, through thick & thin and, hopefully, through shake-rattle-and-roll! (It did in the earthquake of June 23, 2013)

The beams are more than heavy. It needs four work-guys to carry one off. The fourth fellow is out of view in the photo. He was adjusting his ipod for the upcoming effort. Gads.

Forrest Spears