The MarGas Experience... Archive post March 21, 2010

The MarGas Company? Well, cutting right to the ditch…

I waited for over four months and had to pay nearly $3,000 to have four guys take two days to cut a gaping twelve foot long trough and on My Ramp too, stick an ugly iron cover over a hole already dug off ramp and probably gouged out by a previous Gang of Four from the MarGas Company, run a cheap industrially looking black tube into the guts of a Communist looking niche with a perforated G A S on its door, which is pretty Communist too, if you think about it, and, before high-tailing it back to whence they came, from frigging Viareggio, an hour’s drive away, they slathered a cheap cemented over it all and said… My, oh, my! What A Good Work we have done?

Hell, if I had known it was going to be a simple Cut & Cover, I would have hollared for a pick… and done it myself… dammit… and saved myself some Euros!!!

I cannot wait to see what my first gas bill is going to be like. Gads.