Let the projects begin...

I am decided: let’s get going with bringing il Poggiolo up to snuff for 2019. Got a list:

#1 re-build the two Big Pergolas and another smaller schiocchezza… or, a smaller foolishness, destroyed by the Hurricane of last October.

I have the necessary essential material: bamboo. Lucky to have passed by while a local Codiponte resident was clearing and burning the infestation of bamboo next to his piece of Italian territory. Seems a tradition of January, as others in the Lunigiana were doing the same. What can one do in January but clear and burn? The man’s property along the road to the natural spring of Acqua Paradiso is graced by one of the trashiest barns around… a agglomerated dump, literally… a few puny grape vines and a bevy of scruffy cats & dogs to watch the premises. The view to the Apuane Peaks, however, is inspiring. That’s Italy for you. The man kindly allowed me to pilfer with the help of my two canine assistants and the Galloper SUV enough bamboo poles to adequately take care of Project #1 and then some.

#2 put in a stone path up the middle of the ramp from the Dog-gate up to L’Appartamento Azzurro and re-seed the grass. The Truth of this task is actually to fare sparire…. or, to disappear, the stones dumped on the back-side of the Esseccatoio… or, smoke house, after the work on La Casa Grande’s addition of two mini-windows in the Salotto way back in 2014. What is underneath by a meter would make a cute little terrazza… or, terrace, for an aperitivo or, sunbathe on terracotta pavers. Please note: Nina-beena and The Croesus-person are My Project Inspectors. They are enthusiastic participants with anything I elect to do.

#3 put in stone before the terracotta terrace at the entrance to L’Appartamento Azzurro. This may be expanded to include the triangular split at the Legnaia… or, wood-shed, and the ramp. Planting grass was a disappointing failure.

#4 paint the front door to La Casetta and the two wood gates, one at the lower end of the Sottopassaggio… or, our Tunnel, and the other at the Keep-the-Dogs-on-the-Aia next to the Esseccatoio in Our Signature Grey. There is can with some residual paint. But where?

#5 and finally, get the Cowboy Builder to come build and install the two glass-fronted fireboxes for La Casa Grande’s Salotto… or, Living Room… and Sala da pranzo… or, the Dining Room. If only the dude would check his answering machine and call me back!

I may need tranquilizers for this last item. All others will require a strong back and drink after 5PM.

I am going to hold off on the French doors in the Sala da Pranzo. I brought in our Esteemed Geometra to take a look and he immediately embarked upon a discussion of what a pity it would be to remove the original beam so much in the way of this initiative. Let there by sunlight. Probably just as well. I don’t think You has actually absorbed this plan of mine. Better to wait and judge the proper moment before dropping the double-door bomb again.

I have January and February to knock these off. My attention must turn to the garden in March for il Grande Assalto. Needed: a strong body and even stronger drink. Wish me luck?