Fence is finished...

And the Dogs just HATE it!!! Are we much surprised? I am a bit offended. If those Two Creatures knew what that Tuscan Green metal infrastructure has cost me, they would have a little more respect. Naturally not. They’re Dogs.

We traditionally stroll through the garden of Il Poggiolo after lunch. I to tremble & shake with with anxiety over all the gardening tasks awaiting my robust intervention. Starting soon after I have pounded out this blog-post. Every year I strive to carry the garden to its prime, say by Easter? Thank God, it’s late this year. The Dogs sniff along the perimeter of their confinement. Then they come to me for an explanation. I give them a resounding… Ha!!!

You is totally bored by the fence. Never asks. And when it occasionally trips into a new-worthy topic on the telephone, the subject quickly slides to the weather… or, his bad back.

You and I do wholeheartedly agree: money should be spent ONLY on fun stuff: furniture, rugs, porcelain plates, objets d’art, boar’s heads!!! etc. The rest, the non-fun stuff of fences, new windows, additional fireplaces, and solar f%#*/g panels, should be gratis. Manna from Heaven. A subsidy by the Italian State. Heck, we live in a country decaying from Socialist & Commie ideals. But surely there‘s still some euros handy? Our little infrastructure WAS a make-work initiative. All You & I can hope for is added value to our Tuscan farm-house. Yeah, right.

The guys did an exceptional job. No doubt about it. The two were punctual, steady, precise. Their fence is regular, well-built, Tuscan Green. There are many good tracks and some others pretty darn unsightly. We pray to Mother Nature to kick-in.

Below is a medley of photos on the fence, in the following order, from left to right: acceptable, ugly, charming, and the piece de la resistance, a new fangled pergola. Enjoy!