Travel & Events

A medley of trips & events for Your Italian Concierge clients in past years:


Italy is… the Mediterranean Sea, Architecture, countryside under sunny skies...



Ashley, Mike & Sara Schumar… Your Italian Concierge’s first travel planning clients to arrange a guided ten-day private tour from il Poggiolo, an 800 year old Tuscan farm-house in Codiponte in Tuscany from Florence to Pisa, and in Liguria, from Le Cinque Terre to historic Genoa.


Justeen Oess… a seven day tour from Liguria to the Piemonte region. The client asked Your Italian Concierge to focus upon wine & cheese making and the cuisine of Piemonte’s Le Langhe region and to take-in the cultural sites & flea-markets of NE Italy’s capital city, Turin.

Susan Saint… a week’s stay in Rome. Your Italian Concierge arranged private cooking classes on Roman food with two different chefs: an English chef and noted Italian food expert and an Italian-American blogger & chef, who also conducted a guided walking tour of food-markets, stores and enoteche of central Rome, and itineraries of the city’s most important sites to see.


Allison Freeman & Claire Ladnier… a ten-day tour divided in two parts: the first half in Bologna & Modena with food tours & general sightseeing, the second half at the seaside resort of Santa Margherita and a guided private tour with Your Italian Concierge of the amazing historic district of Genoa.

Steve Hurlburt… Your Italian Concierge arranged a seven-day tour of Rome and Florence, a first-time visit to both Italian cities, and a private one-day guided tour of the historic district of Genoa focusing on street art and the city’s art & architecture.


Allison Freeman & Family… second year with Your Italian Concierge for a twenty-one day private guided tour of Milan, Turin, Lake Maggiore and the Lake of Lugano in Switzerland, plus two independent one-day fast-trains hops to Venice and Florence.

Chris Paulus & Family… travel concierge services while vacationing in a large Tuscan villa near Greve-in-Chianti, Tuscany.

Megan Sutherland & Hannah Conard… a week’s vacation of rest & relaxation arranged by Your Italian Concierge exclusively on the Lake of Como.

Suzanne Vizethann & Katie Meszaros… Your Italian Concierge arranged a week’s stay divided between Rome and Florence, focusing on food, cooking and neighborhoods of each city: i Monti in Rome and Oltrarno in Florence.


Allison Freeman & Family… third year with Your Italian Concierge. Twenty-one-day stay based in Bologna with private & expert guided tours to Modena, Vicenza… including Palladio’s Villa Rotonda & Valmarana ai Nani… Verona, plus day-excursions on fast-trains to Florence, Lucca, Parma and Milan.

Tyler Steele and La Roche-Posay… Your Italian Concierge organized an exclusive evening event for L’Oreal’s cosmetic division’s VIP clients attending a once-every four-year convention held in Milan. Your Italian Concierge arranged an Aperitivo and Dinner for 32 guests at the Armani Hotel and conducted a guided late evening walking tour of central Milan.

Alice Langrall and Pete Zseleczky… A honeymoon in Italy, starting in Rome, a leisurely drive to stay in the Tuscan countryside, Florence next, followed by Santa Margherita on the Italian Riviera before flying home via Paris.

and Food & Wine, Art and the country’s many historic & important cities.


Top photos, left to right: Vernazza of Le Cinque Terre, Palladio’s Villa Rotonda outside Vicenza, and freshly cut hay in fields at the foot of the Apuane Peaks in NW Tuscany, the Lunigiana.

Bottom photos, left to right: Andrea Mantegna’s fresco for La Camera degli Sposi, Palazzo Te in Mantua, a crisply cold white wine, and Genoa’s port.