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Your Italian Concierge has been active for several years in helping people find a home in Italy. From house-hunting, navigating the legal & financial processes, from re-structuring to moving in and any other tasks in between, we can be with you throughout as your guide and conselor. 

Often just visiting Italy, even fairly regularly, may not be enough for the confirmed Italophile and thinking about finding a villa, farm-house or apartment of your own takes hold.  Your Italian Concierge can help.  To chart the waters, mountains and canyons of Italian real-estate, you will need someone who speaks the Italian language fluently and with flair, knows the ins & outs of the process and has tons of important contacts all to protect your interest. Very simply to act as your Italian Guardian Angel, in finding, buying and renovating your Italian dream house.  This is our forte after 20 years of personal and professional experiences.

A few things to note…

Italy may seem puny on the Map of the World but, it’s really a big place. It's so geographically diverse. And, as a Wise Man once said… “Location, location, location”. So, our geographical expertise rests in Northern Tuscany... an area called the Lunigiana... and Liguria. This last covers the famous Italian Riviera… think beach, sea & sun… and the former one as part of Tuscany… think stone villages next to castles, peaks with snow and yet, is only a half-hour away from the Mediterranean Sea... are both convenient to other Italian regions, such as Emilia-Romagna and the Piemonte…. think food and wine! Our two areas also have lots of variety in real-estate to offer.. villas, farm-houses and apartments... and just by location would make an good investment.

But the real investment with a home in Italy, actually the better one to make, in fact, is to tap into the extraordinary life-style, people, culture and experiences on a daily and more intimate basis. This is the main reason for Italy. 

The last item to mention is how we work and are compensated. Our working relationship depends upon how extensively you care to use our services of search, purchase and renovation. You may choose one or all. It's up to you. We are here to help. We can talk on the telephone or exchange emails but, our real brain-storming sessions/s must be LIVE and in person and at key moments. We ask for an initial consultation of Euro 500 be paid through PayPal. Our first personal meeting is gratis. After 10 hours of working upon your behalf, our fee is Euro 50 per hour + expenses billed and paid monthly through PayPal.  We can certainly give you an idea of what our costs could be before we get started.

Lastly, we’re good, We know how to do it. We have the right contacts. Trust Your Italian Concierge. We can take care of you.

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Italian Property Projects






Biancan, Codiponte... was a hay and equipment barn build along the crest of a hill above the village of Codiponte and surrounded by some of the most stunning remnants of fruit and olive groves in the area. The property was purchased to be a villa big enough to host several guests but, as it happens in Italy, the land is with in a protected preserve. Thus, the ambition of a villa was downsized to a villetta. The key element of the house is the large open LR with an open fire-place. The Kitchen, BR's and Baths are all of modest dimensions yet cleverly arranged to make the maximum use of space. All the furniture and materials used for the interiors are a light mix of the vintage and contemporary. Much like the outside. An English landscape architect planned the tailored gardens next to the house and infinity pool while the abandoned vineyards and fruit tree groves are trimmed yearly but left wild.