I’m so glad you reached out because I never properly thanked you for creating such a magical adventure for Hannah and me! Everything was perfect and every recommendation was spot on. I’ve never been so comfortable in an Italian hotel!
— Megan Sutherland - Videographer - Pittsburgh, Pensylvania USA
Thank you so much, Forrest! We have had a great time and wonderful stories about the places you sent us to. We are in Torino now and looking forward to shopping all day tomorrow. This trip has been great! Thanks again for all your help!!
— Justeen Oess - Architect - Newnan, Georgia USA
Thanks so much for all your help, Forrest. It’s crazy that this trip would ever wind down, but here we are.
— Chris Paulus - Executive - Seattle, Washington USA
Mike said his favorite part was sitting on the loggia having hors d’oeuvres and the local restaurants - especially the place that had the red sauce ravioli at the restaurant on top of a mountain. He’s talked about Your Italian Concierge to our friends and how expertly you toured us around - truly a concierge!
— Ashley Schumar - CPA - Denver, Colorado USA
I use Your Italian Concierge for all my client’s travel needs in Italy. The level of service and attention to details always surpasses my expectations. I highly recommend YIC for all your travel needs in Italy. It’s comforting to put your trust in the hands of a professional and that is exactly what YIC is.
— Annette Joseph - Style Consultant - Atlanta, Georgia USA