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Travel in Italy has evolved beyond simply visiting churches, palazzi and piazze. It has become more active, participatory with Italian culture, traditions, and its historical sites, and thus a more enriching experience. We have the expertise & contacts to suggest or arrange a myriad of activities & excursions for you: from gelato making classes, work-shops and cultural seminars, to shopping at flea-markets & antiques fairs or Made in Italy fashion stores, to guided tours of the icons of Italy’s art, architecture and history with experts in their respective fields… all tailored to you and no matter what your interests & passions are for… Italia!

Your Italian Concierge has two general travel services:

Travel Concierge: If you are traveling and need help, advice or recommendations and no matter what the is required… place to stay, book a table at a restaurant, hire a car & driver, arrange an sight-seeing excursion, a cooking class or, engage a guide… while in Italy, then our Travel Concierge service would be ideal for you. Click here to purchase five hours of our $300 Initial Consultation. Additional hours of time are charged at $50 per hour, if you need additional time with me.

Custom Travel Planning: this service is our forte. We have created & arranged a myriad of custom trips tailored to our client’s desires and time-frames to visit Italy. We will collaborate with you on ideas, do the necessary research, make the arrangements and handle the all the necessary reservations, and away you can go.

Click here to get started consulting with Your Italian Concierge by purchasing our $300 Initial Consultation for five hours of our time. Custom arrangements do require more time. We will provide you with a quote for the time beyond the Initial Consultation.

Your Italian Concierge can also be your personal tour guide to conduct you for a particular location by day or for the entire trip. Click here to contact us about details.

Your Italian Concierge knows Italy. Let me show you what I know best.

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