Il Sentiero Italia...

is a 6000 kilometer long hiking-trail which undulates across the Italian peninsula from Trieste in the North of Italy to Calabria in the South and over to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Italy invented Slow Food. It has just announced the idea of Slow Walking…

the idea of a nation-wide hiking trail in Italy harks back to a meeting in 1983 of several noted journalists and hiking enthusiasts: Riccardo Carnovalini, Teresio Valsesia e Giancarlo Corbellini. By 1990, a kind of Why not? Let’s do it! created a route through 20 Italian regions, 6,166 kilometers of trails and 368 stages for overnight stops. All was made possible with the support of volunteers from CAI - Club Alpino Italiano and several interested sponsors. The participation of CamminaItalia permitted il Sentiero Italia’s inauguration in 1995.

Twenty-five years passed when three hiking enthusiasts… Yuri Basilico’, Giacomo Riccobono and Sara Furlanetto, discovered many parts of il Sentiero Italia had deteriorated into disuse, abandonment and even parts of the route sold off without notice. Va Sentiero was established to seek sponsors… CAI and Touring Club Italiano signed up immediately… funds and volunteers to restore the trails. Today, the work of il Sentiero is complete… announced at the beginning of 2019… route, signage and refuges. Once again one can travel across Italy’s mountains, valleys, forests, national parks and above the Mediterranean Sea. That’s Italy!

Oh… and you’ll need nine months to hike its entirety. Wear good hiking boots.


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