A recent event in Milan...

As a concierge for Italy, I am never surprised by a last minute request. No matter what. One knocked at my website door in the middle of last May to plan an evening’s event in the middle of June during an international convention to be held in Milan. 16,000 dermatologists in town for a week. 40 VIP guests to be treated to a night on the town at their host’s expense. A thank your for their business & support since they would all be in one place.

Lots of fun ideas. Cocktails & dinner on a bright orange Milanese tram. One circle around the city would do it too. Vintage Italian cars for a night-owl tour of Milan after dinner. The city requested a precise and inviolable schedule for safety and anti-pollution ordinances. A five-star bar & restaurant hop ending in a walking tour of the city. No Uber, the logistics of herding 40 around town in a fleet of hired cars & drivers threatened a nervous breakdown for everyone concerned. All were jettisoned for one legitimate reason or another, but mostly, the consequence of a last minute… Sorry sir, we’re booked that week. Except the Armani Hotel. It was reserved immediately.

Many charming aspects of Mr. Armani’s endeavour in Hospitality on his home turf. Fantastic location. Next door to the Quadrilatero della Moda… or, the Fashion District of via’s Manzoni, Montenapoleone, della Spiga, and Corso Venezia. Practically situated in the epicenter of other luxury hotels, and many restaurants & bars. Easy to walk to or, travel by taxi. A magnificent roof-top Bamboo Bar and Armani Restaurant attached. And a spectacular staff. For me with the helter-skelter clock ticking booking, organizing, arranging, checking, and suggesting, I never once heard the word No… and in a couple of instances, the Events Manager covered my back splendidly, efficiently. Thank you.

All came together effortlessly the night of the evening’s event. Guests arrived, the host was late, but he had a Good Excuse… shopping… and the drinks of the aperitivo and the menu of the antipasto and the dinner afterwards based upon seafood were an art unto themselves and happily enjoyed by the VIP’s, plus they got a lovely Summer’s sunset of pinks to oranges to purples from their roof-top in-town perch.

The event ended with a nocturnal and fairly focused tour of centralissima Milano. Scheduled for 10PM, it started at 11:15PM. Hard to tear away when having so much fun. Armani Hotel through the Fashion District to Corso Vittorio Emanuele II… the 1st king of a united Italy… around the unforgettable Gothic-ness of Milan’s Duomo, the Galleria, and finishing on the Piazza della Scala. 12:30PM. Good-byes and off in separate or collective taxis for the guest’s hotels.

The town was busy with people at that hour past Midnight. From strolling couples and groups to guys selling lighted toys shot into the night’s sky to clinch a sale on the Piazza del Duomo. The array of Made-in-Italy stores in the Quadrilatero were maxi-illuminated to the hilt. And good too since, the streets were populated with window-shoppers. The Metro too. Don’t these people have to work tomorrow? Cars packed on my trip to Famagosta, where I had left my car in the parking garage. Milan is so easy to get into and out of. And better if you bag driving in town. The subway or a cab.

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